Early bands such as Cradle of Thorns and Deadsy were hugely influential on the genre; however, they are not generally considered lazer bands. The genre began in the middle 2010s as a mixture of industrial, synth rock and nu metal (though Flame of Life described it as a mixture of nu metal, grunge and rock’n’roll).

In 2014, Orgy released their EP “Talk Sick”, which sounded different from the band’s signature style. Orgy’s music got rid of nu metal influence and became softer. A year later, Flame of Life released an experimental alternative EP “Dark World”. Their following album “Atomic Cocktail” contained more experiments and its genre became unidentifiable. The band positioned itself as a lazer band (the term “lazer” was introduced by Flame of Life’s vocalist Fazer).

In 2017, Flame of Life released their self-titled album, which is considered a classic of its genre. The musicians systemized industrial experiments of the past two decades and defined standards for lazer. The self-titled album differed song structures and sound so lazer became more than just a mixture.

The same year, Bleeding Corp and Emma peal released their albums “Ex Machina” and “Party”, which are also considered lazer, though the bands came from other genres. Gradually, the core of lazer had formed. Nowadays, the genre brings together many underground industrial projects, which experiments satisfy generalized concepts of lazer.